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Price per person: £50
Duration: 3 hours
Delivery Method: Live online and in person*

*In person venue will be in Milton Keynes. Venue will be confirmed once booking is received.

Afternoon Courses 12.30-15.30

8th November 2022 (Online)

This course can be delivered online or in person for you and your team upon request. Contact us to arrange this option for you.


This course has been written to give you confidence and knowledge to work with children to help them to understand and manage their challenging behaviour. By linking with research and theory, this course will equip learners with the theory and practical skill they need in their setting. We will look at different communication strategies, behaviour management strategies as well as how to support the child and their family. At each stage of this course, we consider the situation from the child's perspective because we understand that children rarely misbehave for the sake of it and there is usually an underlying cause.

Learners will be awarded a certificate of attendance on successful completion on the course.

This course has been written by Learn and Inspire.

What you will learn:

  • Potential root causes of children's behaviour

  • Understand what certain behaviours may be telling us

  • Discuss importance of early intervention

  • Explore ways to support children understand and manage their behaviour

  • Knowledge you need to respond appropriately to a child's challenging behaviour

  • How to communicate with children effectively

  • How to improve children's behaviour in a confident and constructive manner

  • Range of child behaviour management techniques that you can use in your setting

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