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Price per person: £50
Duration: 3 hours
Delivery Method: Live online and in person*

*In person venue will be in Milton Keynes. Venue will be confirmed once booking is received.

Group Bookings only

This course is currently available to book as group bookings only for training at your setting, or online via video link.

Please click Book to be taken to the group booking page.


This course addresses real working scenarios throughout to help you learn how the changes to the EYFS may affect your practice and your setting. You will find out all about the changes in the document, including the supporting research behind the decisions. You will also take an in depth look at the new non-statutory guidance documents, find out how to use them how to make the most of them. We include interactive activities to help you with your learning throughout the course; discussions and questions are welcome throughout the course and a Q&A session is available at the end.

Certificate of attendance for each learner on completion of the course

What you will learn:

  • What is the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum?

  • How it works

  • How you will be able to use it effectively

  • How to assess and keep track of progress

  • How it will effect your practice

  • Links to Welfare and Safeguarding requirements

  • Looking at the new Development Matters and how you might use it to support your practice

  • Looking at the new Birth to Five Matters and how you might use it to support your practice

  • Comparison between Development Matters and Birth to Five Matters to help you make the right choices for your setting.

  • Observations:

    • How to take an observation​

    • What are we looking for?

    • What to write

    • How to interact and record an observation at the same time

    • What a good quality observation looks like

    • How to link to the framework

    • How to make informed assessments based on observations

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